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University of Arcane
The Year 2020 of Mankind. Universitas Sanctae.
(Doctors eye chart, visual accuity.)

Course will progress through these first six areas, for introduction to 101. The best effort at assmebling my own education is made, however, basic curriculum is learning to function with society and where our talents are useful. Courses and curriculum Material are taught in accordance with the name of the university. The university learns from the Students of each region or practice, where they permit. We teach the mechanics, talent and practice make it useful. We are taught, and we want to learn on our own. The demonstration of talent is the exam process for each early indicated section.
MagicaSkilled TradesFine ArtsMusic and InstramentsSciences and MathematicsReading, Writing, and Speaking Languages

Library Magika Submit Proof of Magical Ability Divina Naturalis Be a Teacher Be a Student

Para Physics and Para physiology. Para Kinetics, Tele kinesis, hydro kinesis, aero kinesis, Para psychology, Magika, and more. A School for the gifted. (Somewhere I belong.)

Somewhere I Belong

Welcome home everyone! This university is growing and the foundations for the university of arcaner have begun a new phase of development and contribution to mastering the skill sets of para physical phenomena.

Explore my interest in para physical ability Teaching the Gifted

This is the Magic I do. I started first, by learning to Govern a Spark (PMA). (See Governmentofspark.net and learn about being Arcist.) Recent: Course Taught by Michael and assocition
  • Learning to Offensive or defensive sorcery.
  • Understanding doorways and gates
  • Necromancy and Lifromancy; Summoning is TLC.
  • UoA Discussions (universityofarcane.net/uoa_classroom/universityofarcana/arcist_classroom)
  • UoA Travelers Log
This limited demonstration, as part of the University of Arcane, teaches and develops your talents to use as part of a real world participation, teaching real talent with real methods, and with a focus on real world education useful for daily life, similiar to that of alternate university.

The skilled practice might produce results of progressive types, first in the minds and of only a single perspective. These persons might find it difficult to "show other people, or have then see what they see." Are you good at magic? Look at these pictures, depictions of form and what some believe is just a video game. Reproduce the results you see in your room. Can you imagine that in some space in front of you? Learn to apply a talent... and what is made is a talent with practice, of which we teach a rule.
  • Para Physiology: Magika
    Would you recruit this talent? Why or why not? Would you let it find us? (Condition here, they might all believe they can do magic, among proofs and mental logic.)
What was your result? The muay or the spirits, or by whatever name the tribes use in one area or another, a spirit people of magic will find you, if you are successful. We seek all sorts of talent, and here, I present what others seeking to aspire among the arcana, the magic arts that predated modern medicine, know that this website is not the courseware you might seek. For someone who apires, the guidance you seek, it is within your grasp.

Developing the roles and curriculum.

These sections are an ongoing project. I am seeking Volunteers. You will be given web accees to work from home, phone, or laptop remotely and on the road, and will be required to develop and communicate with other persons involved online.
  • student.universityofarcana.net
    The login and usernames here will be using an FTP directory. This directory for persons planning to study will have folder structure to be managed, for projects or other contributions according to some selection of courses.
  • teacher.universityofarcana.net
    The login and usernames here will be using an FTP directory. This directory for persons planning to teach will have folder structure to be managed, for projects or other contributions.
  • library.universityofarcana.net/
    This is where we assmeble the texts, and across these noted, that the selction is small compared to what we will teach.
  • arcanum.universityofarcana.net
    This is where we practice. Sites, in public, testimonials, what did you try, did it work, others can help you understand it, or make talent better, or.
  • University of Arcana
    This is the Campus for the University of Arcana. (From digital, to) My contributions, I am developing the QSE of Archana and the Temple of Shadows (Quantum spatial environment mechanics as applied to real world physics). I also use my talents at my companies.
Professor and University Development (Volunteer Team)
  • I am currently learning the streets in the territory of the south. I am recruiting perons capable of Magika, or with the talents of spirit communication, and other special self described talents. It is not the opinion of this arkist, that we purge the humans of these talents.
  • I have a the Eight RULE Sciences presentation coming soon. You can learn more at theoryofrelativity.net/contact
  • Recruiter Warning: Take this seriously, "Achieving this education, I can only walk away, if it is from this flesh of mine."
  • I am applying the rule to the magikas, and learning how to teach them with a proper demonstration.
  • One of the classes I will try to teach here is the RULE of Magika, not so much leadership, but the science of magic we should not teach concerning I and E after practice.
Projects of the University
Just for fun. really...

These projects are ongoing and various, and one of the newest items you might want to follow, is the "titan of rule." The university made contact with what was stated a "titan" of the rule, and has placed a hologram, as large as building, able to move around. As the men begin to fight, we have to make strong to disenchantment or assaults by the churches right wing counter magical detachments nullifying simple magics. (real stuff, bro. yep.) This project is ongoing near b1, and we have enough talent to almost automet the diety fighting with the people to protect the woods. Because is titan of rule, titan will soon be able to move police to protect the land, or other assets considering themselves the rule of the area. Theirs is hologrpahic form with ability to control the people.
  • This project has placed the geography of intersect.
  • Has modeled the titan and placed it
  • Has worked to sustain the titan and trigger the titans approach.
  • Has visible filmography possible in some locations.
  • Will be adding magical sites to the risen site. (enchanted geography. see course list for sustainable summoning.)
  • Has used talent to construct spririt, has enabled the mind of the wood to osccupy the spirit and will be doing so for the titan conversation.
  • This similiar team helped to enchant the opening position for the temple of shadows (magical dooorway appearing during moon, star alignment as holographic wall, wall is contructed of alignment light), near gods hill and during the dispute with state, as a neccessary inclusion and not a threat, near to shadow government on gods hill at night for attendance of the shades.
  • The university can prove each method of magica used, to include measurement.
Project details
  • Enchanting; this course teaches a hand tool, and how to use it. You will be instructed to charge an item with your mind and hands only, and then measure item. The first step to enchanting items of geography (like trees or forrests for whisp or magical form making, needed so trees sustain the life, not always in my mind). (prove results are filmed)
    • Here is the public PMA (less informative than private PMA.) PMA means proof of magical ability, one of the application requirements for the university is the knowledge of the practical arts (advanced magic and magika is considered of the highest art forms of the mind), and some demonstration of ability. These public displays are reproducible. This demonstration depicts the construction of shape between fingers and the proof of enchanting for others to verify. Other skills will eventually be included, but basic ability is all that is demonstrated across the portfolio of study. We are not permitted to show off or hastily respond to requests for proof in the streets. Also, The government of spark has website at governmentofspark.net Production of other measurable talent is recorded in my laboratory.
    • There are four developing entry points for the university. Eccearcanum.com (behold the arcane, ecce from classic etymology dictionary); libraryofarcane.net (a library), universityofarcane.net (a place where advancement of personal practice is achieved), universityofarcana.net (reference from arcane to show arcana as pluralized.) The curriculuum of this aspiring fellow, includes the RULE, Magika and Sciences, and further across government and territorial development. (projects and field work, help to develop the topics of teaching at the university. These topics specific to demonstration of development for what would be taught as learned from field work and recorded for the university. I dmeonstrate the always ammended approach and include errors, things that should be omissions, or mistakes, while making on best of information presented, statements or assessments to survive until they are better explained and presented. For GoA or other reference, here is short list of etymology refs for government of arch, the accepted meaning for this development arch is interpeted, "of construction" for literal reference.
  • Ley line measurement, the use of tool to prove production. (prove results are filmed)
  • Course ware on high level designwork for unique magical items. (need to practice space between book to be able to make magical items. yes. this skillset is not included their yet.)
  • The production of relation for imagined form and mass.
  • Passages and pathways. Result oriented approach to building spirit homes, or constructing space for perspective or security.
  • The development of field work, or other items of community and use. Measurement for the areas, and other additives, occur routinely, on visit, so working to sustain a magical afterlife, or other aspect of development and work for one community or another. Persistence of form is an arguement for some areas, and the term for some memory applications, learning to work with things like communication with other peoples, or to play, or to build a belief, appears like that of animals also, not always thingking about the topics; but seeking visions, that seem to remember some things about past conversations.
Projects of the University
Fun. really...

This project is related to godshill, and research affiliated the rule. This project has been using godshill, and literally, eaploring the various problems and uses for the hill or use of such propositions for inclusion in the wooded area.
  • The uses of gods hill include conversations with the rulefrom the highest point in the area assigned for such reasoning. The RULE, is of theoryofrelativity.net, talked about as a science. The RULE, or energy in the area, light, mooonlight, starlight, natural light fromvegetations or more, literraly is natural to the areas. The action of speaking, vibrates molecules in the air causing sound, and direclty affecting a medium exposed to ambient rul measurements, or other rule measurements. The conversation here, is with that rule, or light and radio, or other energy, that literally feeds all of the life on earth. At night time, the rule of stars and moon is noted. This method of talking on godshill, comapred to temples of inca or maya origin, has response from the area. The example is when approaching the shade or communities of dimenion among the woods. While working gods hill, the use of the magical arts inspired the includion of ley lines, idenitfied cometing conversations or problme inserted not among the natural activity of beast and man, or other life forms, but found competiing with magica a signal of origin from other men, and the ability to create such magical or chanted areas literally inhabited by creatures of origin that are still not understood. The work by the univeristy here, use gate methods, planar access routines, and further worked the area into some interaction. The university set summon such that the spirit in the area as imagined by the practicioner, was maintained by the forest afetr the wood was taught to make ghost, and then engaed encounter withteh spirit, as if to have communication. Theuse the hill, has gate included, and further, the probable use for response, and eventual study for relocation of inhabitants or further refusal to develop the native sacred area for its value to the world.
  • The pareter was set withthe entry for the temple of shadows, and of course, alight get that has certain perspective for observation, and certain method for accessing the area indicated. The action of sitting in hte woods at night in florida, is often combined wihout a flashlight or weapon. In the woods, there are seen the shades. The population here, because the temple is also the woods, and the construction has exploration for the compass of light and that compass of shadows to be explored. The government of person who live during the day, and those that live at night, or might embrace the shadow government philosophy expressed between the two positions on the same hill eventually selected.
  • The ambient reasoning for the fight here, of the rule, has comfort found for persons leaviung these conflcit areas, seeking refuge in wooded areas. The wooded area has natural method of absorbing cosmic radiation and other airborne radiation methods from powerlines or other issues. Meaning visting the selected area for temple, will literally be a relief for most seeking comfort. The measurement here of the the titan of rule.
  • The titans of rule; and where some might consider them governors or warriors, and no dought they are, the reference for titan here is compared to a rain storm requiring we seek dry areas, or snow storm and cold winter seasons loosing lives to the titans of the winter; freezing, starving, getting caught in the snow... typical titan casualties each year among the americas, but that new titan presented by cosmic question of quantunnel event, and that problme of electronic coerscion or war.. presenting what could be another titan of the seasons of mankinds machines.
  • The cultivated approach has acquired many projects, and talented persons here has set the wooded area for day and night, idenitfied spirit or other communtions. We understand the purity of mind required for use of enchanting or the creation of magical woodland, which was the ulterior motive.
  • The areas selected for research become magical areas, and where hunting or other thigns is not eprmitted, and the phenomea is not understood, but a people have emerged as almost living among the wild areas of florida, and the development of godshill, has resonsing with access to a common temple structure.
  • These godshill area have uncovered planar structure in the woods, sustained what i believ almost entirly on the woodlines continuation of growth. These magical worlds appear to be part of th eimagination of the woods. And concering pastreesearch, i sought once to see the dreams of the gods. And when i began doing magic in the woods, i l;earned some specifcis of placing images that became a converstion. each of these areas, with some proximity, appears to be holding multiple areas for life. where mankind sees the trees and some animals, it is methodically posibble to open a dimensions where other life lives among the same resembled trees. The godshill structure, is observing the ancient lines, and we are refusing investigation for anything but man made problems affecting the construction of the areas. since activating the temnple structure,and here the use of the americans or their enemy to designate god, i was able to key into the inca and maya planar using the old ley lines they had knowledge to make. when enchanting, the audio explains the problem, but the men who set these enchantments werte skilled among the oldest of men before the age of electronics. Example, when i visit the smisonian egyptian collection, i should be able to feel the complexity of some of the worlds best priest class enchanters of that region to what we use in the floridas.
  • godshill.net (as with all domains, the network was reserved to allocate network reasonsing. so .net was selected.
  • Activating the structure has it magically selecting leadship and building a society, and placing or slecting figures in the community.
Projects of the University

This project recently was handed to the university. I was trapped into a hotel, abandoned at night, and talking with a look alike informant from dubai. The group introduced a series of problems, most noteably for the university. They stated that the symbology on the dollar bill, they were worried the united states army had caught or tried to catch the eye of anu from bagdad region, and they were inquiring how to plate it in gold; the us soldiers were disguised as homeless people explaining they wanted to plate it in gold. The intel contact was from a kuwaiti logistics contractor connected to vertex, and the kuwaiti king, another people soft (people software) offshoot using ley lines and powerline direction competing with organized crime or other elements of society. The meeting was at a hotel owned by "Vishnu" and it was condemened, gutted, and the city wont let people rennovate, and will not remove a weapon. In this area the requirement to tell about god has the daytona beach hotel site a part of area intelligence meetings with person from offshore. Many sites owned by person from india were found to be targets of an electromegnetic program discernable on the powerline, including an exxon station and an islamic or muslim supermarket where the man and his family were traditional dress like other places while working. Both were connected to ATT networks, similair to targeting found near islamic temples. The surious use of electromagnetic relays at some att switch gear sites might have started a problem or solved a problem. It is also a site of first contact with ET and where messages of war were delivered by those people from india as waged against the united states, three years in a row. The combination of monitoring for the area resembles an electronic standoff among intelligence and private sector intelligence. The species that occupies the building are small, and alledgedly got caught in the waves. When entering the building at night, without a flashlight, contact has them eventually speaking with the persons in the area that are not hostile, occasionally. I worry rennovation could harm them, and they communicate with holography. Meetings at the site have people climbing in from the grassy area to speak inside as part of red light green light network, locations are always changing. Their is no electricicty and the hotel is awaiting rennovation, i intend to buy in if it becomes comdominiums. It is stated a place of many ghosts and unsual shore line activity from signaling boats. They can visibly be seen walking the second and third floor areas, or collecting in areas near the pool, at night when the lights are off.

The issue here for research is on the pyrameters of achievement for old world empires. The egyptians expanded the empires of man kind to the sun by reflecting light all over the solar system, from the top position of pyramid reflecting the empire around the tomb area.
  • The men indcated they were from the united arab emirates. The problem is the men from the middle east are assaulting our belief, and the details i can not yeild for this work.
  • The answer is they should not be trying to capture anything of the sort. These live for billion of years, and they will kill the species or punish them for harm, friends is the problem. These might travel the local universe. Any species that indcates this ability to me, and further the abilityt to traverse the terrain of thousands of stars and communicate, is not any sort of conflcit we should approach lightly. the action should not be attempted.
Projects of the University
Just for fun. really...

Projects of the University
Just for fun. really...

  • We will be building at leat two attempts for magical planes. We dont even know how to start yet for interconnection, but simple talent has most of th epropositions possible here, that we can talk about. One will be called terrabithia (spelling) and the other will be called a healing realm. Each of them will be leviting motionable realms with physical connection to a magical passage on the ground, like study of building indias vimana (spelling) is applied here. Terrabithia is a place with the changed name, hiding the real location and name of the healing city of god, a city no one will speak about, for fear it is harmed. These realms will be constructed using the holographic study and bound to a forrest or city environment. These will be accessible by magical connection, like terrabithia; that will be explained. Doorways is applied another way across the PMTMx understanding among persons working in the same room, or in a group, to a same location. at least a few independent poeple might be know about ot be able to access by meeting the right spirits. example, if a hundred viewers in my audience all see a ball and fly it around the room in their heads, how as leader, do i find a place to see what each of them has made in that room. Meaning, these are about to very real places, maybe, i will even film them, not according to fantasy. The construction for the first, is expected to help understand the issue of building magical spaces to hold real life, talked in classroom.
  • This study is important for learing how to make mass, or the assemble the mind as matter in the environment around me.

University of Arcana: Admin

This contributor to the UoA, University of Arcane (Latin translation Universitas Santus) uses aracana to pluralize arcane references. These are the beliefs I am developing as person teaching the arcane and interpreting rule for the ancient university. As developer of the university property, here is a project list of other properties where talent is applied Projects Interface

Song: Magika by Two Steps from Hell
University Slogan: Somewhere I belong

The university of arcane is a self study university, developing with precision indicators of real world research among person with a real capability. This university has access to at least one person able to teach the topic almost 24 hours a day. Once the student achieves arcane proficiency, the teacher is the arcane. The University of arcane, does not claim to own the arcane. We teach a proficiency for students who aspire communication with the real arcana. If I am interested in working for the UoA, or any affiliated websites, just volunteer and do the work, attributed tandem sciences. Communication with the university must be made in order to be valid. Students or professionals, at any career level are welcome to volunteer, they will be given a root access for a basic HTML presentation, and permitted to develop the website and their own content or modify that of the university. Your volunteer work, is for the arcana, and this one site to use. Once brick and mortar is established, we invite those person to work with us and share in the rewards of teaching such a broad class of students.

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