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QBI / QT / SG2 / ML work with the UoA. Persons with paraphysical skillsets can look forward to bettering their own lifes, and employement with companies that utilize these skills for field work. We are adventurers, this is not your average University Company or Theology. It is compared to soldiers or covilians on the fring of exploration among planets and home world dimensions.

Fellow Perspective: Michael Marley

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Over 120 Audio sessions are added, and to develop curriculum.
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University of Arcane
The Year 2020 of Mankind. Universitas Sanctae.
(Doctors eye chart, visual accuity.)

Looking for person to help build the website into a development permitting projects among contributors, to include audio, video, and more, reltive to assignment area.

Course will progress through these first six areas, for introduction to 101. The best effort at assmebling my own education is made, however, basic curriculum is learning to function with society and where our talents are useful. Courses and curriculum Material are taught in accordance with the name of the university. The university learns from the Students of each region or practice, where they permit. We teach the mechanics, talent and practice make it useful. We are taught, and we want to learn on our own. The demonstration of talent is the exam process for each early indicated section.
MagicaSkilled TradesFine ArtsMusic and InstramentsSciences and MathematicsReading, Writing, and Speaking Languages

Library Magika Submit Proof of Magical Ability Divina Naturalis Be a Teacher Be a Student

Para Physics and Para physiology. Para Kinetics, Tele kinesis, hydro kinesis, aero kinesis, Para psychology, Magika, and more. A School for the gifted. (Somewhere I belong.)

Somewhere I Belong

Welcome home everyone! This university is growing and the foundations for the university of arcaner have begun a new phase of development and contribution to mastering the skill sets of para physical phenomena.

Adventure and Travel, Arkist

Intricate Networks and Pad to Pad Development. These public images are precisely not accurate for geonodal connectons, for reasons of artistry and protection of proprietray data. Quantum Beel, UoA, and Arkist have over 64 working connections to various traversable environments we film on a regualr basis and offer monthly in just about any area of the North Continent. Technology of the cystal blade, crystal revolver, and other technologies like Suit, Screen, Computer, Server, and Environmental Server are in development. These networks do not work according alledged modern technology innovations, but do work with, specifically powered by the Radial Core Processor of ATT Networks and other Access area variable, and pattern descriptions needing technical personel to qualify and test. These projects of Quantum bell, UoA, Arkist, SG, and Quantunnel are lmimited introduction to entry level Dimensional Areas. This representation indicates Local Earth, and Affiliated Projects. See QuanTunnel, and visit Michael Marley, this terms annual science and CEO team members in the lab ( QuanTunnel In The Lab )for more information.

The Complexity of International Connections. Portals, Tunnels, Gateways, and QBI Network. UoA and ML have Achieved working status with dozens of hours of footage online. The complexity of Pad to Pad Transfers. The Interconnected universe of places. Each acre of woods can contain seven environments or more. The Universe and Quantunnel, connecting places, and Roads. UoA does not need Computers, we use talent. For the Uninitiated, tracking some portals helps to access or reaccess them.

Connecting Environments and Peoples. Quantum Bell Inc, and Quantunnel.comm with MarleyLABS (Field Research and Innovation) has established on average 7 concurrent connections, and have mapped more than 64. Our list of local cluster access and Planetary Routes exceeds 2100 Addresses Access areas part of research. Our Planned Gate Facility or Access locations enable travel from anywhere of 2100 locaions. This slection represents local earth travel.

Actual Portal and Doorway Photography will be added next week. Actual Portal and Doorway Photography will be added next week. Actual Portal and Doorway Photography will be added next week. Actual Portal and Doorway Photography will be added next week. Actual Portal and Doorway Photography will be added next week.

Proprietary Engineering Projects and coperative assignments, have operational environments since 2016 that not only utilize the RULE Sciences from Nassau County, FL fown to Dade County Fl, and Across to Ocala, Orlando, and with ToR applications across the Text book "QuanTunnel and Theory of Time Light Relativity (ToTLR) And Radio Light Relaltivity, RLR Manuals" Written by the lead science teams, we manage and update in accordanc with requirements from geo physcial surveys and literal field work. Public Demonstrations can take up to two weeks, to experience of a few doorways. Larger projects for company talent, can exceed several months for stabile area and tehcnical expertise for configuration of environment. Micahel Marley is the lead scienctist, and our failure rate after 11 years, is near zero.

The mode of access being researched by Quantum Bell Inc, is physcial Ability. The University of Arcane is concered about physical ability and the teaching of the paraphysics in accordance with real world use. This project where shown to be researched by Quantum Bell Inc, and further among the Para Physics of the univeristy of arcane is continued.Further, the University of Arcane has a Group Research project, for Achaic Computers, and we are working with QBI to develop and Quantum Computer. The specifics and methods of building this are presneted, along withthe enumerated methods for function artifacts and other projects. These items often require and empowered individual to operate correcttly, and the development of the archaic computer models for the UoA engineering group, include also the develkopment of magica / magika.

We are pleased to announce to first haunted stained glass unit, a 1920 buzzer unit will be put back into service for the Stained glass research.
  • Quantunnel Reseolves Interplanetary and and Interstealler Pathing
  • Qunatum Bell Inc, Resolves Domestic Local, Airports, housing, stable realms. On earth.Quantum Bell Inc.
  • University of Arcane, resolve uses for defense, home building, and teaching for contruction teams, to build homes, operate businesses,and idenitfy new forms of mass and concrete. (Talent people people who could work the gate facility main area or adventure it.) Univerity of Arcane
  • These operations were pioneered by MArleyLABs and and COllection of Other Persons, know as whatever they idenitfiy, if not playing demon to complain about who is terrosixing one realm or another. MarleyLabs and SG (Star Gate Acquisition)

Explore my interest in para physical ability Teaching the Gifted

This is the Magic I do. I started first, by learning to Govern a Spark (PMA). (See and learn about being Arcist.) Recent: Course Taught by Michael and assocition
  • Learning to Offensive or defensive sorcery.
  • Understanding doorways and gates
  • Necromancy and Lifromancy; Summoning is TLC.
  • UoA Discussions (
  • UoA Travelers Log
This limited demonstration, as part of the University of Arcane, teaches and develops your talents to use as part of a real world participation, teaching real talent with real methods, and with a focus on real world education useful for daily life, similiar to that of alternate university.

The skilled practice might produce results of progressive types, first in the minds and of only a single perspective. These persons might find it difficult to "show other people, or have then see what they see." Are you good at magic? Look at these pictures, depictions of form and what some believe is just a video game. Reproduce the results you see in your room. Can you imagine that in some space in front of you? Learn to apply a talent... and what is made is a talent with practice, of which we teach a rule.
  • Para Physiology: Magika
    Would you recruit this talent? Why or why not? Would you let it find us? (Condition here, they might all believe they can do magic, among proofs and mental logic.)
What was your result? The muay or the spirits, or by whatever name the tribes use in one area or another, a spirit people of magic will find you, if you are successful. We seek all sorts of talent, and here, I present what others seeking to aspire among the arcana, the magic arts that predated modern medicine, know that this website is not the courseware you might seek. For someone who apires, the guidance you seek, it is within your grasp.

Developing the roles and curriculum.

These sections are an ongoing project. I am seeking Volunteers. You will be given web accees to work from home, phone, or laptop remotely and on the road, and will be required to develop and communicate with other persons involved online.
    The login and usernames here will be using an FTP directory. This directory for persons planning to study will have folder structure to be managed, for projects or other contributions according to some selection of courses.
    The login and usernames here will be using an FTP directory. This directory for persons planning to teach will have folder structure to be managed, for projects or other contributions.
    This is where we assmeble the texts, and across these noted, that the selction is small compared to what we will teach.
    This is where we practice. Sites, in public, testimonials, what did you try, did it work, others can help you understand it, or make talent better, or.
  • University of Arcana
    This is the Campus for the University of Arcana. (From digital, to) My contributions, I am developing the QSE of Archana and the Temple of Shadows (Quantum spatial environment mechanics as applied to real world physics). I also use my talents at my companies.
Professor and University Development (Volunteer Team)
  • I am currently learning the streets in the territory of the south. I am recruiting persons capable of Magika, or with the talents of spirit communication, and other special self described talents. It is not the opinion of this arkist, that we purge the humans of these talents.
  • I have a the Eight RULE Sciences presentation coming soon. You can learn more at
  • Recruiter Warning: Take this seriously, "Achieving this education, I can only walk away, if it is from this flesh of mine."
  • I am applying the rule to the magikas, and learning how to teach them with a proper demonstration.
  • One of the classes I will try to teach here is the RULE of Magika, not so much leadership, but the science of magic we should not teach concerning I and E after practice.

Projects of the University
University of Arcana: Admin

This contributor to the UoA, University of Arcane (Latin translation Universitas Santus) uses aracana to pluralize arcane references. These are the beliefs I am developing as person teaching the arcane and interpreting rule for the ancient university. As developer of the university property, here is a project list of other properties where talent is applied Projects Interface

Song: Magika by Two Steps from Hell
University Slogan: Somewhere I belong

The university of arcane is a self study university, developing with precision indicators of real world research among person with a real capability. This university has access to at least one person able to teach the topic almost 24 hours a day. Once the student achieves arcane proficiency, the teacher is the arcane. The University of arcane, does not claim to own the arcane. We teach a proficiency for students who aspire communication with the real arcana. If I am interested in working for the UoA, or any affiliated websites, just volunteer and do the work, attributed tandem sciences. Communication with the university must be made in order to be valid. Students or professionals, at any career level are welcome to volunteer, they will be given a root access for a basic HTML presentation, and permitted to develop the website and their own content or modify that of the university. Your volunteer work, is for the arcana, and this one site to use. Once brick and mortar is established, we invite those person to work with us and share in the rewards of teaching such a broad class of students.

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Contact for admissions or participation. We currently charge no tuition or fees for persons interested in working with the university curriculum.